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Pinè´s culinary philosophy is simple. We strive to always source the very best raw ingredients to facilitate in the creation of sumptuous menus that tickle your taste buds with a wide spectrum of flavours and textures. The result is beautifully presented culinary creations that are designed just for you, and prepared with passion and dedication to ensure you and your guests are always satisfied.



A wide choice of homemade dishes, freshly prepared and presented with an artistic touch of our chefs will give your party that essential note of success. Your guests will be able to either choose their favorite combination of food or to explore and have a true tasting sensation. Contact Pine today to plan your next culinary event that promises to deliver culinary perfection and exquisite service.

Flying Buffet

With passion and dedication we create small sophisticated bites, mouth-watering canapés and finger food for your next reception, office or after work party.
Our professional staff carries the bite-size tapas, while your guest enjoy the dynamic atmosphere of the event, in a communicative ambient offering a new conversation material.



A sophisticated menu served by a team of professional staff is the must-have for a successful event, from executive board meeting, birthday, wedding to annual office parties.

Sourcing the best ingredients, our Executive Chef Marco Peranni’s creative menus ensure your guest list is wowed.

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